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ARC Guidelines – Addition to the guidelines table regarding Electronic Door Locks, Security Cameras, and Spot/Flood Lights

ALL requests for electronic door locks,  security cameras, and spot/flood lights must be submitted to the ARC for approval (using the ARC application found on the Website) PRIOR to installation with a description and picture of the electronic door lock,  type of camera(s) and/or motion detection light(s) and proposed location(s).
Electronic Door Locks:  Electronic door locks must be located above the front door handle and replace an existing lock.  Electronic door locks must be polished brass to match the existing door hardware.
Security Cameras:  A single security camera can only be located under the archway of the front entrance above the door, and/or below the deck floor in the rear of the property.  Cameras are not permitted on the side of end units. Security cameras should only be directed on the homeowner’s property.  Cameras should be white or black.  All wiring must be secured and hidden from view.  Wireless devices are recommended.
Spot/Flood Lights: Lights can only be located on the rear of the property and should only be directed on the homeowner’s property.  Spot/Flood lights are not permitted on the front or side (end units) of the property. All wiring must be secured and hidden from view.  Wireless devices are recommended.  Light fixtures should be white or black.
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Architectural Review Board (ARC)
All planned visible structural improvements, other than exact replacements, should be submitted to ARC for review.
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